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Windham is a wonderful town, but there is room for improvement. Tired of seeing worthy initiatives like the senior center abandoned by town hall “leaders” unable to work through difficulties or opposition, I accepted the support of my town committee and the Windham Town Council to fill a vacancy there.

In response to hundreds of people providing input at public meetings, with constitutional authority, our council proudly enacted a sanctuary city resolution relieving our police from possibly being used by President Donald Trump to detain and help deport our undocumented friends and neighbors.

On Sept. 8, the Chronicle published an inaccurate and unfair attack by June Bisantz on me and my opinion that our town charter does not authorize a referendum vote on the sanctuary city resolution or development of a band shell at Jillson Square. I had stated my opinion to her after she aggressively confronted me in my front yard about her opposition to David Foster’s band shell initiative.

Our charter assigns policy-making authority to a town council elected by the people. The town council and its subcommittees meet regularly and often with ample time for public comment.

Windham has 25,000 residents, more than 10,000 voters, and multiple public issues and opinions. Most people realize we are collectively too busy with daily responsibilities to frequently go to referendum on policy matters, so they wisely voted for a charter featuring representative democracy rather than government by referendum, except for the annual town budget.

If Bisantz wants effective input into town government, one of many things she could do is to vocalize her viewpoints at public meetings, just as so many people did on the sanctuary city resolution she apparently disfavors.

Dennis O’Brien



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