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State rules against Windham GOP


Chronicle Staff Writer

WINDHAM/HARTFORD — Amidst the campaign for local elections in November, the state Elections Enforcement Commission recently ruled on a complaint against the Windham Republican Town Committee.

A ruling for a complaint filed by Willimantic resident Lori Jeffers found that former Republican town committee treasurer Edwin Rivera did not properly file a financial disclosure statement.

SEEC attorney Josh Foley said the ruling was approved by the SEEC 5-0 in August.

“I want everyone to follow the rules and I think this helped explain to them what the rules were and I’m sure it will never happen again,” Jeffers said recently.

In her complaint, Jeffers alleged Rivera received improper contributions and failed to report contributions the committee had received between Sept. 26, 2013 and Jan. 10, 2014.

Rivera declined to comment.

The ruling states the investigation revealed that when Rivera was required to file financial disclosure statements for the committee, he failed to include the financial transactions for the entire period since the last such statement had been filed.

Because of that, the commission concluded Rivera violated state statutes 9-608.

However, the investigation also re-vealed there was no evidence to support the allegation Rivera or the committee accepted any contributions they were not permitted to accept, according to the ruling.

The ruling states the investigation also did not reveal evidence to support the allegation the committee received contributions or made expenditures in excess of the amounts that would have permitted Rivera to file exemptions to the filing of financial disclosure statements.

According to the ruling, Rivera waived further procedural steps and rights to seek judicial review or challenge or contest the validity of the ruling.

Windham Republican Town Committee Chairman Michael Desaulniers said there was a form that was not filled out properly “but it was corrected and we changed treasurers.”

He said at the time Rivera was treasurer, there were a lot of new laws Rivera was not “up to speed” with.

Desaulniers said Jeffers was voted out of the committee a couple years ago because they no longer wanted to deal with her “shenanigans.”

He said there was a perception in town by some Republicans that they were not being “represented properly” and the committee wanted to move forward.

Desaulniers said Jeffers stuck to “things that happened in the past too much.” “Since she’s been voted off, she’s been very bitter,” he said.


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