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The adult division of the Willimantic Public Library reopened May 30. It did not come off summer hours until Oct. 30. The card catalog has not been set up and not all of the computers have been set up and standardized. Patrons are sitting on the floor as there are only 24 seats at the five tables left in the library.

Books that are standards in college and university libraries, high school and middle school libraries and public libraries are just gone from the reference collection. Many important books in the nonfiction collection have been discarded. The fiction collection needs books that patrons want to read. New library books are placed on a small wire rack. Many of the books just sit there.

Ding, ding! A ring for service bell means that the staff will not have to just sit at the circulation desk. Ding dong! A stick-up doorbell behind the circulation desk with a receiver in the workroom could alert staff that additional assistance is needed at the circulation desk.

A lot of the renovation money was spent on asbestos removal and the HVAC system. More needed to be spent on the electrical system. The library is supposed to be a cooling center in the summer. For it to be so, the air conditioner needs to be turned on and turned up.

A new library director, with a fresh pair of eyes, is needed to document how the library is being used. Are patrons searching for books or utilizing inter-library loan services? Are they leaving empty-handed? Are they using computers or reading the newspapers? Are they using the bathrooms or are they sleeping? Are the hours that the library is open being utilized or should they be changed? Should staff responsibilities be changed?

Lori Jeffers



It’s OK to be white, but we live in the USA, and we thank God for our blessings as a nation.

We are all immigrants, except our Native American brothers and sisters. We live in a country where we should be proud of our Statue of Liberty, which was given to us by France as a tribute to our freedom. We pride ourselves on the fact that we try to live by the inscription: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

It is our ideal to be the melting pot of the world because we have welcomed all people and ethnic groups who are willing to advance themselves, pay their taxes and follow the laws of our beloved land.

It’s OK to be white, but it is also OK to be a member of any ethnic or racial group that is part of this country. Let us live up to our ideals.

Donald Hoyle

Mansfield Center


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