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Llama drama could have been worse

The animal kingdom is full of common, carnal rivalries pitting one creature against the other.

Cobra vs. mongoose. Lion vs. wildebeest. Shark vs. just about anything in the water.

Dog vs. llama? Not so common.

But in Lebanon last month, the dog attack heard around the farm victimized a poor llama, serving as a cautionary tale that no one should ever take a dog’s demeanor for granted — especially around other animals.

Luckily for the llama — which is part of the ME Llama Farm in Lebanon — a full recovery is expected and the damage from the angry dog’s teeth was, for the most part, cosmetic.

Had it not been for a neighbor of the farm, the dog could have done much more damage than wounds to the ears and face.

This dog, reported to be a pit bull-like mixed breed canine, could have killed the llama.

What makes the Jan. 30 incident more noteworthy is the fact there were no reported problems with this particular dog before.

It wasn’t a situation where the dog was a problem and local animal control officials were repeatedly being asked to intervene.

This was a creature known in the neighborhood.

But on this day, it simply got loose and its animal instinct — which experts have said still has wolf-like origins — kicked in.

In hindsight, it was a relief the dog went after a larger llama instead of, say, a human — even a child.

All turned out well this time around.

But dog lovers need to realize their beloved creature could get aggressive for reasons humans may never be able to understand, no matter how man books we read or television shows we watch.

That’s why, no matter what, a firm harness and leash should be used at all times whenever we are out with our dogs.


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